Apple iPhone 8 Leaks and Rumours – Specs, Release Date Etc

Apple has launched iPhone 7 and 7 Plus last year.  It has been about month’s time since iPhone 7 series got launched.  Now, Apple is in plans to launch next series of iPhone i.e., iPhone 8. Apple is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year because of which all the eyes are on iPhone 8.  There are monstrously huge expectations on iPhone 8 and the rumors are spreading like wildfire about iPhone 8.

There are more than nine months for the launch of iPhone 8 release date, but the rumors are taking up the excitement levels of loyal Apple lovers to an immeasurable extent. There have been many leaks about iPhone 8 that were doing rounds all over the internet.  Here are some rumors that are going viral for every reason possible.

iPhone 8 may come with all-glass body

Apple has used all-glass case for its iPhone 4S series and it seems like it is going to once again repeat the glass magic with its iPhone 8 series.  It is said that the phone will sport a curved glass on the back.

iPhone 8 may be available in three screen sizes

This rumor is also being spread strongly lately.  It is heard that iPhone 8 may come in three screen sizes.  It may come in 5 inch and 5.8 inch screen variants as per the rumors.  The overall size of the phone is said to be the same as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.  It is also heard that the company will release a 4.7 inch iPhone 8 with LCD panel and 5.8 inch with AMOLED display, which eats up less power and gives better contrast.

As per few reports, it is also said that the display will come curved on the sides for these new launches from Apple.

iPhone 8 may not come with a home button

It is heard that Apple is going to eliminate the button this time from its new iPhone 8.  In place of home button, Apple is going to incorporate Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the selfie camera of the iPhone 8.  It is heard that iPhone 8 may also come with new 3D Touch functionalities aimed at replacing the functions of home button.

iPhone 8 may have a new haptic feedback system

Apple is said to use a small, high-performance motor in its iPhone 8 for better heptic feedback.  So, iPhone 8 buyers may witness different vibration feedback for different functions.

iPhone 8 most likely to have support for wireless charging

It is also most heard rumor about iPhone 8.  Wireless charging has been in use with other devices already.  Now, Apple is going to introduce it in its own way.  It is heard that iPhone 8 will house long-range wireless charging that eliminates the need to place the device on a charger or even close to it.

iPhone 8 may come with iris scanner, 3D photography, OIS

It is said that iPhone 8 may sport an iris scanner for security.  It is said that Apple is working on using LG Innotek’s 3D camera module for its iPhone 8.  The 3D camera module is said to be used with iPhone 8’s dual rear camera along with 3D technology that will give out 3 D effects.

Other than the aforementioned specs, iPhone 8 is also rumored to feature Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) in the telephoto lens and wide-angle lens.

iPhone 8 launch date

As we said earlier, iPhone 8 is said to be unveiled in the 10th anniversary event of Apple, which will likely be held in the month of September.